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Wednesday, 01 July 2020 20:06

France withdraws from the Sea Guardian operation because of Turkey

Turkey objected militarily to the Turkish role in Libya Turkey objected militarily to the Turkish role in Libya

Egyptian News Vision: - France decided to temporarily withdraw from a maritime security operation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, in response to Turkey's actions in the Libyan crisis.

The French army announced the tension between Paris and Ankara, and said, "We have decided to withdraw our units temporarily from the Sea Guardian operation," pending correction of the situation.

Paris had said that Turkey had targeted one of its frigates while examining ships suspected of violating the arms embargo imposed on Libya, but Ankara denied this.

France requires the fulfillment of four demands, including that "the allies formally confirm their adherence to and commitment to respect the arms embargo" in Libya.

It also wants to establish a more accurate dispute resolution mechanism within NATO.

French President Emmanuel Macron held Turkey on Monday a "historical and criminal responsibility" in the Libyan conflict as a country claiming to be a member of NATO.

Turkey continues to send mercenaries and weapons to Libya, in an effort to support militias loyal to the Fayez al-Sarraj government in Tripoli, despite international warnings.

International resolutions prevent the transfer of weapons to Libya, which has been in turmoil for years, but Turkey provides public support to militias fighting against the Libyan National Army.

The thousands of Syrian mercenaries transported by Turkey to Libya have become a growing concern for European countries that fear that militants may move to their lands.

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