Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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 "Tablet for the blind," similar to "iPad" from Apple, for blind people who surf the Internet, is able to review the text, graphics, Braille, meaning that the text is apparently in the form of blind salient points can be known and easily distinguishable.

"New" smart bed, move the body of the sleeper when he starts snoring, to put him in a different position to breathe better.

Bed tracks your sleep pattern to his neighbor, and modifies the form of ranked automatically fit the body of the sleeper, and choose the best time to wake him up.

Engineer Yasser Elkadi the Minister of Communications and Information Technology in Egypt, announced the launch of the first Egyptian mobile phone, during the second half of the year 2017.

Instant application "WhatsApp" company developedit a new technology, not in line with some of the older types of phones.

This list of devices that will not work in the application of "WhatsApp" starting from January 1, 2017:

Chinese girl named "Emma Zhang Yan" has developed a new device that holds Kissenger name can connect to the phone smart, and helps used in kissing the beloved remote directly, and this is through kissing device, which transmits signals direction to the other party that exists anywhere in the world.

Before cutting out your phone number, you should use the chat application and talks, especially "WhatsApp"; you have to delete your account.

To delete an account on WhatsApp you access to settings, and choose the account, including selecting Delete Account in order to delete the account of the company's servers completely.


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