Friday, 14 August 2020

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China, America: - The world is racing to find an effective treatment against the deadly disease, while Pfizer, the drug maker, said it had identified some of the antiviral compounds the company had developed that could suppress Corona.

Russia, Kazakhstan: - It was a record stay, the time spent by US astronaut Christina Cook, who led the first pure female space mission in 2019, aboard the International Space Station, before returning to Earth, ending a bus mission that might provide important information about space travel. Run.

University of Arizona: - The British "The Sun" talked about a simple breathing technique that makes anyone sleep in less than a minute, and it is called "4-7-8", a method known to people who suffer from insomnia.

The University of South China: - The artichoke ants, is an animal of mammals, the trade in which is illegal, so it is sold in secret because of its scales and flesh, and the Chinese rely on buying it and eating it secretly.

While Chinese doctors have gone back to researching ancient medicines dating back thousands of years, for a drug to fight the new coronavirus, others are searching for causes of death.

USA, California: - Inspecting Apple employees' bags cost her more than he could lose, as she will have to pay $ 60 million to her employee because of the wasted time in bag searches.


The political war in Tunisia
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