Friday, 14 August 2020

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America - Cape Canaveral - Florida: - The European-American "Solar Orbiter" probe was launched toward the sun, on a decade-long mission during which its storms study the sun laden with particles, which can cause crashes on Earth.

The Israeli strategic plane, "HERON MK II" multi-use capable of carrying various loads, is an updated model of the HERON UAV aircraft, which is used by the Israeli Air Force and works with more than 20 other destinations around the world.

America - Hawaii: - The researchers mentioned that the "Daniel Inoue" telescope took a very close and clear picture of what is known as the "boiling plasma" of the sun's surface, which is the clearest image of the sun in history.

The health of the US Central Command has published on Facebook a video of the 908th KC-10 of the Air Force's existing refueling aircraft.

United States of America - George Washington University: - Secrecy has been removed from US national security documents, which carry information about US leadership, how it has infiltrated the scope of information to ISIS, and has curtailed its online efforts to persuade and recruit individuals to extremism.

Security company Bitdefender, known for its anti-virus software, has reported that 17 apps have been discovered that harm smart phone performance.


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