Tuesday, 29 September 2020

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Egyptian news vision: - Miss Ulyanovsk, Russia's Natalya Dolganovskaya, entered the store and headed straight to the vegetable and fruit department, shouting, "I hate women."

Egyptian news vision: - William received a guest named Granville Ritchie, with one of his friends at his home in Florida, and he took them for a walk outside the house with his daughter Felicia, aged nine years.

Egyptian news vision: - In the Indian state of Kerala, the 19-year-old girl was in an ambulance under a ventilator, and on her way to the hospital due to her infection with the Coronavirus.

Egyptian news vision: - The Saudi judiciary issued final rulings in the case of the murder of the dissident Jamal Khashoggi, who was celebrated at his country's embassy in Turkey.

Egyptian news vision: - Ankara announced the arrest of the leader of "ISIS" in Turkey, Mahmoud Ozden, in the Adana region, in the south of the country, after his arrest 4 in 2017 and his release.

Egyptian news vision: - When a Filipino lady (Jeda Coracha Nackens) was wandering in Cebu province when she saw a woman called the village residents (Manoel), and she thought she was stuck, but then she realized that the woman suffers from mental illness.

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