Animals of Colombia's most famous drug trafficker threaten the ecosystem

January 19, 2021
How does Pablo Escobar threaten the ecosystem? How does Pablo Escobar threaten the ecosystem?

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- It poses a threat to the country, as it had imported "hippo" animals that threaten the life of the swamps and rivers in Colombia, and pose a threat to the country's ecosystem.

Colombia's most famous drug trafficker, Paulo Escobar, had illegally imported a number of hippo animals in the late 1980s, adding them to his own zoo that was full of elephants as a sign of extravagance.


hen Escobar was shot dead in 1993, the Colombian government confiscated his possessions, which included animals, and most of them were either killed or sent to parks and public parks.

However, four of the hippo animals, which lived in a remote pond, fled the slaughter, and dozens of them live in the wild now, and their number ranges between 80 and 100, making it the largest invasive species on the planet, as it is expected that their number will swell to about 1,500 By 2040, unless it is controlled, according to specialized experts.

Colombian scientists demand the elimination of the hippopotamuses, which they described as aggressive, that roam the Magdalena River basin, because they reproduce in large numbers in the country's humid and warm climate, unlike wildlife in its original home in the African continent, where its natural reproduction is restricted through droughts and the hunting of predators for it. .

While the hippopotamus has become a local tourist attraction, as fee-paying visitors can enjoy the former palace of Escobar and visit the lake around which dozens of hippos live, researchers said that hippo animals compete with local wild animals, and pollute waterways with their toxic urine and excrement.

Hippos are very aggressive and each year kills more people than any other African mammal.

Escobar was famous for buying lavish gifts, and it is said that his fortune reached 25 billion dollars in its heyday, which made him the seventh richest man in the world, so much so that he bragged about actually burning money on some occasions; To warm his family.

And in 2020, a relative found a bag containing $ 18 million inside one of the walls of his old homes.

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