Wednesday, 30 September 2020

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Egyptian news vision: - Garlic is the most popular spice, and it is used in medicine, and garlic has benefits when consumed before bed.

Egyptian news vision: - A new scientific study, published by the "Gamma" medical journal, concluded that a person cannot control his appetite due to the small number of hours of sleep or sleep disturbances.

Egyptian news vision: - A study on the relationship between the Coronavirus and cats showed catastrophic results, as it was found that it transmits COVID 19 disease to humans, while this pet, which is present in many homes, can resist this disease.

Egyptian news vision: - The vagina continues to change with age and is affected by major life shifts such as pregnancy and menopause just like the rest of your body.

Egyptian news vision: - Recent scientific research has confirmed that mint affects male fertility and lowers the male hormone testosterone at shocking rates.

Egyptian news vision: - The "Lancet" medical magazine published a report on the Russian "Sputnik" vaccine against the Coronavirus, containing a dangerous set of facts.

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