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The dangers of raw food diets Food poisoning is one of the risks of eating raw food

The dangers of raw food diets

Egyptian News Vision: - A recent study has shown that food poisoning is a risk of eating raw food. Inflammation of the stomach and intestine increased among consumers of raw or uncooked animal products.

The study warns against eating traditional foods that people are used to eating heavily if they are not well cooked, such as meat and fish of all kinds, raw milk, and its products, raw eggs, in addition to smoked, pickled and dried foods.

The list also includes some agricultural products; The study warned against eating potatoes, raw rice, and sunflower.

Since good cooking kills toxic bacteria.

The culture of raw food has spread recently, and many restaurants have specialized in this type of food; This is in light of the spread of the raw food diet, or what is known as "raw food", which is a nutritional practice that includes eating foods without cooking them well.

Supporters of this type of diet claim that cooking food breaks down and destroys the enzymes in it, and leaves some toxic substances.

They stress that raw food has a higher nutritional value and antioxidants than cooked food.


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