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The success of the first scientific experiment to hide living things Scientists modify genetic cells to hide living things

The success of the first scientific experiment to hide living things

Egyptian News Vision: - The scientific journal "npr" has published the results of scientific experiments conducted in the University of Chicago marine biology laboratory, to hide the bodies of living things and make them completely transparent.

A scientific team succeeded, for the first time in history, in hiding animal bodies by modifying their genetics, as they modified the genetic cells of squid embryos by removing the pigmentation gene, which led to the emergence of completely transparent creatures.

The team was able to remove all chromosomes in small squid embryos, even in the eyes and skin cells, by using a new system called "CRISPR-Cas".

The scientists cut the hard outer layer of the squid eggs with fine scissors to insert various types of reagents into the fetus.

The team designed a special pair of small scissors to cut the surface of the egg and used a quartz needle to connect "CRISPR-Cas9" detectors to the genome and remove their pigmentation gene.

The squid belongs to cephalopods, which in addition to squid include octopus, and is a mystery to researchers of the ability of their nervous systems to camouflage.

Cephalopods have the largest brain of all invertebrates, a nervous system that is able to camouflage and has a special ability to reshape embryonic information within DNA, which is a rare and interesting ability.

Scientists have been trying for a long time to reveal the secrets of these creatures, but they failed because of the inability to look at their genetic structures until now.

Scientists have discovered that the giant squid genome contains an estimated 2.7 billion pairs of DNA bases (chemical compounds connected to opposite sides of DNA strands).

In comparison with humans, it represents about 90% of the size of the human genome, where humans have about 3 billion.


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