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Egyptian News Vision: - Kuwaiti actress Shams posted a video on the international photo exchange site, Instagram, in which she appeared telling what happened with her inside the fish market by the Indians there, especially that she was wearing sportswear.

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Egyptian News Vision: - Irishman James O'Reilly, now 75, has been raping his seven daughters and sister for 23 years, practicing them in the harshest of violent ways of beating, starvation, and humiliation.

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Egyptian News Vision: - The honorary professor of archeology at the University of Toledo, James Harrell, told Life Science that what the American researcher in archeology, Angela Miquel, announced about the discovery of two new sites for other pyramids in Egypt, but they are only wishes by an ignorant observer with excessive imagination.

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Egyptian News Vision: - The Egyptian naval frigate units (Suez) conducted a passing naval training at the Bernese Naval Base in the scope of operations of the Southern Fleet in the Red Sea in cooperation with the Spanish frigate (SANTA MARIA).

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Egyptian News Vision: - The Lebanese artist, Kamar appeared on the international photo exchange site, Instagram, in exciting pictures that highlighted her beauty and temptation, which prompted her followers to express their admiration for her beauty.

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Egyptian News Vision: - The case filed by Mohamed Waziri, director of the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe’s evidence to prove his marriage to him, was postponed after his lawyer said that the marriage contract had been stolen.

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Egyptian News Vision: - Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton, who was dismissed from his post in September 2019, plans to publish his memoirs at the White House, but the administration has staunchly opposed the publication of the book and filed a lawsuit against Bolton.

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Egyptian News Vision: - Israeli researchers at the Technion University in Haifa were able to create a self-sterilizing muzzle, by removing the Coronavirus by using heat from a mobile phone charger.

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