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Egyptian News Vision // The fashinista residing between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, "Shawq Muhammad", has published pictures on the Instagram photo-sharing site, which is lying in the bathtub.

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Egyptian News Vision // Bollywood stars have woken up to the death of one of the most prominent dance composers, after being struck by the Corona virus, and this is the first death in a pandemic-related Bollywood after the passing away of Irfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor in April 2020.

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Egyptian News Vision // US President Donald Trump accused the governor of New York of causing the fall of the American capital in the hands of "mobs", "thieves", "thugs" and the radical left, as he put it during a press conference, in which he ordered the forces to control the streets.

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Egyptian News Vision // Tunisian Defense Minister, Emad Al-Hizqi, invited the American military commander, Stephen Townsend, to visit Tunisia, after telephone conversations he had with: French Minister of Armies, Florence Barley and the commander of the US military command in Africa, "Africom", Stephen Townsend, respectively, on 26 and 28. May 2020, as he met the British Ambassador, Louisa de Souza, on the 27th of the same month.

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