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Egyptian News Vision: - The Turkish judiciary issued a final prison sentence to Jinan Kaftangioglu, the official of the main opposition Republican Party, in Istanbul.

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Egyptian News Vision: - North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un, was at the head of a videoconference of the ruling Central Military Commission, during which attendees examined developments in the status quo before deciding to suspend plans for military action against South Korea.

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Egyptian News Vision: - A preliminary report on the crash of the plane, "International Air Pakistan" "Pia "in southern Pakistan in May 2020, that the accident that killed 97 people, was the result of a human error for the pilots who were discussing the recent developments of the pandemic" Covid-19 " ".

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Egyptian News Vision: The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said it is looking to verify a recently recorded, unprecedented temperature in the area north of the Arctic Circle.

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Egyptian News Vision: The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry said in a statement published by Arab media that Addis Ababa would like to reach an agreement before the start of filling the Renaissance Dam and that we will start to fill the dam in the absence of an agreement.

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Egyptian News Vision: - The actress, Angie Khoury, shared her followers on Instagram with a video that appeared dancing on a bridge in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

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Egyptian News Vision: - One of the accounts on Twitter claimed that the Moroccan artist Jalila had a tainted past before she became a famous star and before she claimed that she was Iraqi by nationality after she married a wealthy Iraqi.

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