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Egyptian News Vision // The confrontation between the United States of America and China developed until President Donald Trump decided to prevent Chinese passenger planes from entering his country, starting from June 16, 2020, in order for Beijing to allow American planes to resume flights.

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Egyptian News Vision // 42-year-old Hu Weifeng, a Chinese doctor, died after four months of attempts to save him, as he was infected with coronavirus in January 2020 while working at Wuhan Hospital.

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Egyptian News Vision // A resident of the city of Moscow entered the hospital for surgery on March 6, 2020, then went into a coma, waking up at the end of May and was surprised by the global epidemiological situation.

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Egyptian News Vision // Nora Ismail, the wife of the Egyptian player Ahmed Fathi, said that she and her two daughters were infected with the Coronavirus, although the family has been residing in the Ain Sukhna area since the beginning of the health embargo.

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Wednesday, 03 June 2020 14:46

Warning from NASA

Egyptian News Vision // The US space agency NASA has issued warnings of a dangerous asteroid that will pass near Earth, adding that astronomers have now discovered more than 8,000 asteroids with a diameter of more than 140 meters in near-Earth space.

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