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Egyptian News Vision: - Saudi activist Amal Al-Shahrani shared a selfie she gathered with her children at sea, and she wore a bikini, which drew criticism from her followers.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2020 21:53

Pharaoh commits four rapes in Tunisia

Egyptian News Vision: - Public opinion in Tunisia was shaken by the occurrence of mass rape crimes that occurred intensively within 48 hours, one of which was a 15-year-old girl who was a victim of gang rape, which was confused by 10 people, in Kairouan.

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Egyptian News Vision: - Scientists in China have discovered a new strain of influenza virus, which may turn into a global pandemic, called (G4 EA H1N1) and transmitted from pigs to humans, and since the virus has a new strain, humans do not have immunity against it, which must be monitored carefully.

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Egyptian News Vision: - "Everyone who drew a picture of everything happening in one day is the first of July 2020 He did so at his own risk, but from tomorrow the hour will start to tick."

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Egyptian News Vision: - The riots in Ethiopia erupted against the backdrop of the killing of the Ethiopian singer and famous songwriter, Hashalu Hundisa.

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Egyptian News Vision: - The World Health Organization has announced that cases of COVID 19 recovery may take longer than expected and that some patients have had what appears to be a "relapse" of symptoms.

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