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Egyptian News Vision // A new Egyptian girl, Manar Sami, appeared, woven along the lines of Hanin Hosam and Mawadat Al-Adham, accused of assaulting good morals and societal values.

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Egyptian News Vision // Pyongyang entered the sparring line between Washington and Beijing, in order to defend its ally against the unified position between America and South Korea, and North Korea waved withdrawal from important clauses in agreements with Seoul.

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Thursday, 04 June 2020 17:28

The Israeli hawk who laughed the Sudanese

Egyptian News Vision // The Sudanese police announced that they had arrested Saqr, and said that the seal of Israel is imprinted on his foot, and he carries a dangerous exploration device on his back.

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Rome – HS Spetsai, a frigate of the Greek Navy, sets sail with Operation EUNAVFOR MED Irini. Spetsai is a MEKO200HN class frigate and has on board a boarding team specially trained to conduct Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) as well as a Sikorsky S-70B Aegean Hawk helicopter.

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