Wednesday, 30 September 2020

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Egyptian News Vision // Tawakkol Karman, a member of the Facebook Supervision Board, posted a Twitter post that raised the anger of the Libyan people, and the pioneers of the microblogging website considered it "a dance on the bodies of the people."

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Egyptian News Vision // The decrease in the number of people infected with COVID 19, caused by the Coronavirus in Japan, has become a problem that may delay the clinical trials carried out by the Japanese company Fujifilm Holdings.

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Sunday, 07 June 2020 10:43

From LG, three devices in one device

Egyptian News Vision // The Korean "Asia Time" website announced a patent registered by LG while the company did not disclose any details or even the date it was put on the market.

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Egyptian News Vision // Illegal weapons, in the hands of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, may have sparked a sectarian war, after elements belonging to and supporting the party responded to the Lebanese demonstrations with violence, causing 49 casualties among the protesters.

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Egyptian News Vision // The killing of the African-American, Georges Floyd may be a global catastrophe and not only an awakening against racism in America, the persecution of black people.

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