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Egyptian News Vision // The head of the "Free Constitutional Party" in Tunisia, Abeer Moussa, announced that she will present a new regulation for the People's Assembly that stipulates that the "Muslim Brotherhood", classified as terrorist and banned in Egypt, be included in the list of terrorist organizations.

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Egyptian News Vision // Border wars to cut off the Turkish ambitions in the oil wealth of the eastern Mediterranean prompted the countries of the region to accelerate the signing of agreements, which came after a Turkish-Libyan agreement that was in late 2019.

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Egyptian News Vision // Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met with the National Security Council to discuss developments in the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam file.

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Egyptian News Vision // With the escalation of demonstrations in America by black skinned people against racism, after the killing of an African-American citizen at the hands of a white-skinned police officer, the reaction of Saudi-born Nigerian model, Abeer Sender.

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Egyptian News Vision // The Emirati Believers Without Borders Studies and Research Foundation has announced the freezing of all its activities on the territory of the Kingdom of Morocco.

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