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Egyptian news vision: - Citizens around the world have been forced to rely on e-commerce in conditions of home quarantine due to the Coronavirus, and online shopping has become the only solution for the consumer.

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Egyptian news vision: - The Rheumatology Center in New Jersey, USA says that onions have immune-boosting properties and relieve arthritis pain.

Also, arthritis patients who ate the most onions had a reduced number of painful attacks.

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Egyptian news vision: - When a Filipino lady (Jeda Coracha Nackens) was wandering in Cebu province when she saw a woman called the village residents (Manoel), and she thought she was stuck, but then she realized that the woman suffers from mental illness.

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Vision Egyptian News: - The pornographic image of the Syrian artist, Dana Jaber, was the most searched on Google during the past hours, after a video of her was leaked during the home quarantine period and appeared in it in underwear.

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Vision Egyptian News: - The General Directorate of the Presidency of the Lebanese Republic announced that President Michel Aoun summoned Lebanon's ambassador to Berlin, Mustafa Adeeb Adeeb, to assign him to form the new government.

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Monday, 31 August 2020 11:10

Two explosions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Vision Egyptian News: - Two successive explosions occurred in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, coinciding with the arrival of the first plane belonging to the Israeli El Al Airlines, carrying a high-level American delegation on board.

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