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Saturday, 26 September 2020 11:08

Ukrainian military plane crashes..Video

Egyptian News Vision: - A plane crashed near the "Kharkov" airport in eastern Ukraine, carrying 27 people, and the accident killed at least 22 people.

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Saturday, 26 September 2020 10:25

The Lebanese government and back to square one

Egyptian News Vision: - After a meeting with the Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, Mustafa Adeeb apologized for the formation of the new Lebanese government, after efforts that lasted nearly a month during which he did not find the necessary consensus on forming a ministerial, in light of French pressure on the leaders of Lebanon to join hands until the country gets out of its grinding crisis.

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Egyptian News Vision: - Barcelona Innovation Lab has signed an agreement with Pixlot to use the company's advanced artificial intelligence technology to support and enhance the capabilities of video analysis, which gives the football club more insights into the movement and development of players during training and during matches.

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