America / California / Citizens Again (Citizen Again) in California will build a modern city, which will be a homeless shelter, for $ 3 billion.

The homeless city of California will contain homes and apartments that have all amenities, such as televisions, hospital and health care facilities, as well as restaurants and cafes.

The city will also contain underground tunnels to "reduce the disruption of the citizen's life", the homeless who used to live without shelter for a period of time.

The city covers an area of ​​300 acres, it will consist of groups of 16-storey buildings, while apartments in this city will be available for the homeless for free. "Citizens Again" estimates that the new city will be ready in just 11 years, as it is proposed to open in 2031.

California suffers from a chronic displacement crisis, criticized by government officials such as President Donald Trump and Minister of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson. An estimated 150,000 people are homeless, in the state.

To this end, the "Citizens Again" group has created a site on GoFandMe, and has received donations of only $ 820.

"It is time to think differently to resolve the displacement crisis.

Instead of building 4,000 additional shelters, citizens are financed again to build a single city that meets the needs of all homeless adults in America, and it will be," Dayton Nason, founder of "Citizens Again," said in a statement. Faster and less expensive in billions than current efforts. "

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