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Tuesday, 10 March 2020 21:21

A new outcome of the Corona virus in a number of global and Arab capitals

Corona virus report on threatened countries Corona virus report on threatened countries

Egyptian News Vision, agencies: - While Italy as a whole became a red zone after the new Corona virus spread throughout, the number of infected persons in a number of Arab and European countries recorded a new rise.

In Italy, the number of injuries rose to 9,172, and the number of deaths reached 463. In Britain, the Ministry of Health confirmed that the number of people confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus rose to 373 compared to 319 people.

In America, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the number of Corona virus infection cases rose to 696 after monitoring 224 new cases since the previous census.

She added that the number of people who died of the disease rose to 25, according to "Reuters".

And the centers showed that confirmed cases spread to 36 states, and in the capital, Washington, after it was limited to 35 states.

In Egypt, the Minister of Health, Dr. Hala Zayed confirmed that Egypt is one of the low-infection countries with the new Corona virus, noting that a total of 59 cases have been recorded in Egypt so far, of which 51 cases were discovered through precautionary measures without any symptoms showing them.

In Iraq, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health said in a press statement that it has been confirmed in laboratory that the fifteen confirmed cases of the newly confirmed "Corona" virus have been recovered, 11 of them in Baghdad and 4 in Kirkuk.

In Switzerland, the Federal Office of Health announced that the number of confirmed cases has reached 476 today, noting that the most recorded cases of infection and by a large difference, is the province of Ticino in the south of the country and Italian-speaking, the province that surrounds part of the Italian region of Lombardy, which suffers a crisis aggravated by The spread of the mutated virus.

The number of cases in Ticino reached more than 90 confirmed cases, and the death occurred from the disease, the third case of its kind in Switzerland, which is an 80-year-old woman who was infected and had other previous diseases.

In India, the Prime Minister of the Indian state of Kerala, Penarai Vijayan, announced the suspension of all state activities, the closure of cinemas and primary and middle schools, and the declaration of a state of emergency, after six other people were infected with the Coruna virus.

In Morocco, the Moroccan Ministry of Health announced the death of the second case, which had been registered with the "Covid 19" virus in Casablanca.

The ministry said, in a statement, that the matter is related to the 89-year-old woman who passed away, noting that she was suffering from chronic diseases at the level of the respiratory system, heart, arteries and other diseases.

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