Egyptian News Vision: - The "Natur Mort", or Silent Nature, is a small abstract oil painting on canvas, painted by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso in 1921, depicting a table, newspapers, and a cup of absinthe.

This painting is worth one million euros, or 1.1 million dollars, but an Italian woman obtained it for 100 euros during a charity lottery ceremony in Paris dedicated to raising funds for the establishment of water projects in Africa.

The woman had obtained the ticket as a gift, and thus would have obtained a plate of one million euros for only 100 euros.

And collected the charity ceremony held in Paris, on Wednesday, 5.1 million euros, 900 thousand euros of which will go to billionaire David Nahmad collector of Picasso paintings, who presented the painting to the organizers of the ceremony, according to "Reuters".

The rest of the ceremony will be allocated to the "CARE" charity, which will allocate it to set up projects to provide clean water in schools and villages in Cameroon, Madagascar, and Morocco.

Perry Cochin, the organizer of the ceremony, said that more than 51,000 tickets, each valued at 100 euros, were sold at the ceremony, which was postponed due to the Coronavirus crisis.

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