Syrian news websites tried to defend the thief, who was killed by the husband of the Lebanese singer, Nancy Ajram, as she said that he was not a thief, but rather entered to take his financial dues, after he was unable to meet Fadi Al Hashim.

Although investigations and reports say that Fadi Al-Hashem tried to persuade Mohammed Hassan Al-Mousa, 31, to lay down his weapons, they exchanged fire.

The Syrian news websites said that the man, who hails from the village of Baskala in the city of Kafr Nabl in Idlib governorate, was working in the garden of "Nancy Ajram" villa, and had a good reputation.

And that Al-Mousa's mother, and a number of his relatives, revealed that his financial dues were in the possession of one of the guards of Nancy Ajram's "villa", who refused to hand them over to him.

And after his despair, he met Nancy Ajram's husband, Fadi, despite his request 5 times, and depriving him of his dues due to the influence of the famous singer.

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