Egyptian News Vision: - A number of Arab countries are awaiting the beginning of April, believing that the Corona virus will expire at this time, including what has linked this to a rise in temperatures, during which the virus cannot continue.

Rather, the decisions of the various Arab governments, the effectiveness of which has been determined at a time that ends with the end of March, and these decisions will be reviewed in early April.

But an American document dropped these hopes and said the effectiveness of the Coronavirus will last for about a year and a half.

The classified US document, disclosed by the American "New York Times", said it is a secret US federal document showing a plan by the US federal government to combat the Corona virus, confirming that the epidemic will last 18 months or more.

This came according to the federal government's plan to respond to the epidemic, which was leaked by the aforementioned newspaper, although this plan has a mark on the document confirming that this document is for "official use only and not for public distribution or publication."

The newspaper stated that "the federal government's plan to combat the virus has warned policymakers that the epidemic will last 18 months or more and could include multiple waves, which in turn leads to a widespread deficit and this would overburden consumers and the country's healthcare system."

The 100-page document, dated March 13, 2020, warned of a lack of continuous medical equipment, stating that "a shortage of products may occur, which affects health care, emergency services, and other elements of vital infrastructure."

According to the document, "This also includes a possible severe shortage of diagnostic and medical supplies including personal protective equipment and pharmaceuticals, and staffing in some locations."

The document also indicated that President Donald Trump could enact the Defense Production Act of 1950, which was passed during the Korean War period, which gave American industry an exceptional step in imposing the production of critical health equipment such as ventilators and respirators.

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