Britain, Oxford Airport: - A pilot was taken to John Radcliffe Hospital for treatment, after suffering a laser beam from the ground, which burned his eyeball, in an accident the second of its kind within days.

British police said: The trained pilot suffered burns in his eye, when he was exposed to a beam "laser" was directed to the cockpit during the flight, coming from land.

The second accident occurred, at approximately 5:45 pm the next day, and targeted a plane north of the city of Charbury.

The pilot trained in the first plane suffered eye injuries, as a result of this attack, and the injuries may lead to him being unable to fly anymore. "

The origin of these laser attacks is unknown, but given that they happen at close times; but the police are appealing to anyone who has any information that could help this investigation, to contact the police. ”

The police stressed that "shedding laser beams in the sky on the planes is unacceptable, and we are investigating precisely (in the matter)."

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