Spain, Egyptian news vision: - While the Spanish authorities imposed a quarantine throughout the Kingdom, they confirmed that Maria Begonia Gomez, the wife of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, was infected with the emerging coronavirus, Covid 19.

Spain is the second largest outpost for the spread of the new type of coronavirus in Europe after Italy, where 6,391 cases were recorded in the country, including 196 deaths.

"The medical examinations he underwent in Moncloa Palace (the Prime Minister's Residence) gave people close to the Prime Minister positive results regarding his wife's condition," the government media office said in a statement.

The statement stressed that both Gomez and Sanchez are "fine", explaining that "both are still in Moncloa Palace, and are continuously following the precautions established by the health authorities."

The new COVID-19 virus screening was conducted by all members of the Spanish government after the infection of this strain was detected by the Minister of Equal Rights, Irina Monteiro.

The results of these tests also found infection with the Secretary of the Land and Government Services Unit, Carolina Dorias.

To intensify the anti-virus measures, the Spanish Prime Minister announced, on Saturday evening, a state of emergency in all parts of the country with the imposition of a quarantine almost completely to prevent people from leaving their homes except for going to the workplace or for other necessities, most notably the purchase of food.

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