At the University of California Library in Los Angeles, the box named "Box 29" is located, and it will remain closed for another two decades, and the list of contents shows that it contains a collection of files about Marilyn Monroe.

This box was found by private investigator, Becky Aldrig, who said she was amazed by the paper-filled box of Dr. Greenson, who died in 1979.

She said, "I spent hours looking at everything they allowed me to, I couldn't make copies or take pictures so I just took notes."

The papers refer to the doctor Ralph Greenson, who found Marilyn Monroe’s body, and some suspect that he gave her an overdose of the sedative barbiturate that killed her in 1962.

She added: "I discovered that he was obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, because he had every book, every magazine, every newspaper she was talking about, and there were written letters to him asking him to kill himself, because they saw her death because of him."

She noted that there were "there are also letters to Marilyn Monroe from other people and letters written to other people," asking, "Why did he have that? There are also some of his secret medical files, and another file that does not explain what it is."

Aldrig noted that Monroe was leaving a note in previous suicide attempts, but on the night of her death there was nothing, while mysterious bruises were observed on Monroe's hips, a common place of injection, but it could also indicate violence.

In addition, Aldridge found it strange that the house manager contacted Dr. Greenson before the emergency services, as she also claimed that Dr. Greenson had killed Monroe after she threatened to reveal the relationship that Robert and John Kennedy had.

"I always thought Marilyn Monroe was killed, if she looked at all the stories, books, testimonials, even evidence, why was Marilyn Monroe's death certificate not changed from potential suicide to murder," she said.

Aldrig demanded that the death investigation be reopened, asking the Attorney General to speak to two people she says are alive today and their investigators never asked for their testimony, but they were present when Marilyn Monroe breathed her last, Sergeant Marvin Ianon who was later promoted to the chief of the Police Department Beverly Hills and the other character is Patricia Newcomb, Monroe's girlfriend.

According to Aldrig, Newcombe left the country after Monroe's funeral in 1962 and traveled through Europe for 6 months.

Meanwhile, she claims that Ianon expelled the other officers from Monroe's home in Helena Drive, Brentwood, on the day she died, when he was the first to arrive at her home.

Aldrig noted that time is running out because Ianon is 83 years old and Newcombe is 88 years old.

Many conspiracy theories surrounding Monroe's death have long circulated, and the official version indicates that Monroe was found dead by Dr. Greenson, who entered her bedroom after being called up by the housekeeper in the early hours of the morning.

The death of Monroe concluded that acute barbiturates were poisoned as a result of an overdose of chloral and pentobarbital hydrate. Given the documented depressive episodes and previous overdoses, this was considered a possible suicide by a pathologist.

However, investigators believe that Monroe's alleged relationships with the Kennedy Brothers could provide an incentive for Dr. Greenson to ask him to give her an overdose.

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