Cairo / Egyptian News Vision: - The events of the Egyptian student case, Haneen Hosam, quickly developed, and the Egyptian Prosecution revealed that she is a member of a porn marketing network, and it may be the thread that leads to that network that attracts girls to work in this field.

After her father defended her and demanded that the Egyptian people help her overcome this crisis, given that she is not young, and not sufficiently experienced to deal with social sites, Haneen Hosam's confessions came as shocking.

Hanin Hosam has recognized that she is a member of two groups on the "WhatsApp" application, the first includes thirteen members including Chinese and Egyptian, and the second includes about one hundred members of different nationalities, and that both are dedicated to transfer the company's assignments to it about the content of the clips it depicts and publishes and the addresses that accompany it, which One of them was the title "Your Bed is Your Theatrical".

Hanin Hussam also admitted her membership in two other groups for communicating with the girls who answered the invitation to subscribe to the agency that announced it to inform them of the steps and procedures necessary to join them, and determine their numbers and the success of the matter.

Facing the public prosecutor accused of a clip previously published by one of her accounts that included a sexual conversation between a man and a girl, she acknowledged its publication and claimed that it was devoid of the sexual conversation referred to, and that someone added it to it after its publication; The pornographic content that the clip will contain.

The Public Prosecution added that, by reviewing the electronic communication groups that the accused joined through their seized phones, one of them made up of thirteen members, including a number of those who called themselves "agency managers" in the application that the accused contracted with, and that it contains talks that clarify the work system and how to choose the workers in the application,

And the mechanisms that they must follow to choose the participants, and clarify the number of working hours and the technical mechanisms to be followed, and how to calculate the financial dues of the accused as the owner of the agency called the "Pyramid Agency", as well as the dues for girls who were able to employ them After informing them of the rules and mechanisms regulating work and joining that application, as well as a schedule showing the maximum hours calculated for the one day that the participants are required to achieve as a condition for obtaining the financial amounts promised, the percentage of the agency and the dubbed announcers from them, as well as conditions set by the company for the makers of the videos, and a condition for their enrollment The company was represented in the necessity of passing a live broadcast, photographing and publishing experience of at least three clips.

The Public Prosecution also identified another group consisting of about one hundred and fifty-three members that included talks on how to choose topics suitable for publication through the application, among which was a topic entitled "Make your bed a bright place, what is required: adjust your bed. You can dance, sing, act, or you can do With something funny on the bed, until the video appears clearly, your bed is your theater. "

The public prosecutor found on the phone of the accused two conversations through the application "WhatsApp"; the first was between them and another about its percentage due to it from the profits of the agency that announced it, where the updater told her how to achieve those profits, and the company needs more announcers, while it disclosed to him that it was able Whoever collects at least a hundred girls a day asking to determine the financial compensation for that, then he promised her a remuneration fee if she collected that number of girls who are ready to work and understand them his way, and he explained to her the method of calculating her wages and the wages of the girls working with her, so she expressed her willingness and waiting for his guidance to her and who helps her collect the girls, It was also clear to the public prosecutor from their conversation that he asked him to help her to respond to what was circulated in the media about the clip she photographed - the subject of the investigation - and to ask the community to question her and investigate her, explaining to her interlocutor that she did not charge any sums in return for publishing the aforementioned passage, and he answered her by the necessity of publishing another section to respond to these claims, warning It is for him to photograph and publish it only after the company’s approval of it, and then inform her about the company’s examination of what is being circulated by the sites around it to prepare a response to it, and arrange a meeting with her with the company’s officials to direct her how to respond, then later send her several items to talk to in a clip depicting him in response to what was raised about Ha.

On examining the Public Prosecution, another phone for the accused revealed its responsibility for managing a group through the "WhatsApp" application that included one hundred and seventy seven members.

Their talks revolve around explaining how to apply to work for the company, the owner of the contracted application accused with it, and the extent of the possibility of accepting it and charging money from it, and that the accused answered A number of them were promising them to send money to them, informing them of their work with the company about two years ago to reassure them, and also sent them audio clips that include informing them of the conditions of applicants to join the company, which include accepting those under eighteen years of age when it is proven that they have provided a specific talent, and During these videos, I disclosed their promise to them to send their wages via bank transfers, which ranges between thirty-six to three thousand US dollars, in exchange for their dialogue with those who follow their broadcasts directly through the application

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