Los Angeles / Egyptian News Vision / Brooklyn / Since the announcement of the assignment of the 2018 and 2020 World Cup organization to Qatar and Russia, for the first time, government judicial authorities have issued corruption charges related to these two global sporting events.

This comes after years of corruption scandal that rocked the pillars of FIFA, toppled its President Joseph Blatter, and the launch of the first spark of the "FIFagit" scandal in 2015, when the American authorities directed 45 persons and various sports companies, more than 90 charges of crime, and paid or accepted more than 200 Million dollars as bribes.

In the race to host the 2018 and 2020 World Cups, the US Attorney General in Brooklyn charged former FIFA officials with receiving bribes to vote for Russia and Qatar.

This is the first time that the justice system in a country has confirmed that the votes that gave Russia and Qatar the opportunity to host these two events, during the 2010 vote in Zurich, were marred by criminal irregularities.

The open indictment, issued by the Brooklyn prosecutor, John Donohue, revealed that former Brazilian FIFA member Ricardo Teixeira and the late Paraguayan official Nicholas Liuz, both of whom were members of the International Federation's Executive Committee, voted to grant the 2018 finals to Russia and 2022 For Qatar, they received bribes in exchange for voting for Qatar.

Trinidad and Tobago's former Confederation president Jacques Warner, who served as vice president of FIFA, received a bribe totaling $ 5 million to vote for Russia, while there was a million-dollar promise to Guatemala, Rafael Salgiro, to vote for Russia as well.

Warner was previously accused of selling his vote to South Africa in the 2010 World Cup vote, and he was sentenced in absentia in 2019 to pay $ 79 million in damages to CONCACAF.

Salgero pleaded guilty in 2016 to several charges of corruption, and was stopped by FIFA, while Warner, who faces charges from the US judiciary, is struggling to prevent his country from extraditing him to the United States.

William Sweeney Jr., assistant director of the New York field office of the FBI, said in a statement that "exploitation and bribery in international football have been well-established practices that have been known for decades, for many years, defendants and plotters have corrupted governance and football International football bribes and kickbacks, and participated in fraudulent criminal schemes that have caused great harm to football sports.

The scandals arose in May 2015, when Swiss police arrested a hotel in the luxury city of Zurich, seven officials of the International Federation, which was preparing for the re-election of Swiss President Joseph Blatter as President, at the request of an American after investigating the detection of the existence of widespread corruption extending for about 25 years .

The scandals led to the overthrow of big heads in "FIFA", led by Blatter, who has held the presidency of the Union for 17 years, and elected Swiss Gianni Infantino as his successor in early 2016.

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