American Michigan - Wausau: - Howard Kirby bought a sofa from a charity auction to furnish a homeless shelter, but his goodwill and work led him to a "big booty" hidden inside the pillow. Howard Kirby, who lives in Wausau, felt the sofa was uncomfortable, especially one of the pillows, so he decided with his son's wife to check.

When they removed the pillow cover, they found in their mattresses a cash bundle of $ 43,000.

Kirby asked a lawyer about who deserved the money, and the lawyer told him that he was entitled to keep the money, but decided to contact the store that held the auction to find out the original owner of the sofa.

Kirby met the owner of the sofa, a person named Kim Fauth Newberry; he narrated that he inherited this sofa from his grandfather, and he did not know that it had money hidden by the grandfather without anyone's knowledge, and it is strange that the family of the grandson "Newberry" decided to dispose of that sofa in any way, so they decided to burn it if The charity auctions store refused to take them out to sell them and put the proceeds from the sale into charity.

And the grandson "Newberry" said: "We were thinking of burning the sofa, after we failed to find a store he wanted to buy ... I did not know that there was a treasure in it hidden by my grandfather."

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