Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The conclusions say that the global pandemic of the Coruna virus will have major impacts and transformations, in the future, globally in many areas, but it seems that the genetic implications were not, too.

While the Corona virus caused more than half of the Earth's people to be trapped in their homes, and the world turned into separate islands, and the paths were cut among the citizens within these countries, the effects of the Corona virus pandemic had a special shape in the Indian subcontinent.

The general and sudden closure of India, as the country’s move to besiege the Corona virus, has caused the largest internal migration movements in the country’s recent history, as hundreds of thousands of migrant workers began long journeys to reach their homes, after they became homeless and without work.

The closure, which includes an interstate travel ban, was implemented, leaving immigrants stranded in major cities attracting them from the countryside in search of a job opportunity.

In the Indian capital, Delhi, thousands of immigrants packed their belongings, took pots and blankets, some carrying his children on his shoulders, walking on interstate highways, and after walking for hundreds of miles, and with some reaching the borders of Delhi, they were beaten by the police.

India is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of the displaced population, and the number of closures may triple overnight.

A government census in 2011 estimated the number of homeless at 1.7 million, a virtually inaccurate estimate in the country of 1.3 billion people.

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