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Jews are more reassured in the cemetery of Jerusalem

 Away from high enemies Away from high enemies

Egyptian News Vision: - Many Jews around the world recommend that, despite the spread of the new Coronavirus, they will be buried in Israel, and pay exorbitant sums for their transportation and burial in Jerusalem, believing that this reduces the possibility of desecration of their graves.

And While the airspace of Israel was empty of aircraft except from some commercial flights, there are several aircraft on the runway of Ben Gurion Airport, some of which carry the coffins of the Jews who recommended their burial in Israel or Jerusalem.

In light of the Corona pandemic, there are some countries, especially the European ones, including France, that do not prevent the washing of dead bodies from preventing the infection and spreading the virus, and this is unacceptable to religious Jews.

They also feel reassured that their bodies and graves have been tampered with, or desecrated in Jerusalem, far from the enemies of Semitism, according to their vision.

Some also fear the risk of moving his remains after decades due to lack of space if he is buried in a municipal cemetery in his country of origin.

The cost of buying a grave in the main Jerusalem sites is around 100,000 shekels ($ 29,000), and Jews living abroad must reserve that space.

Some families pay large sums for transporting these bodies during the pandemic, and according to the founder of the Zaka organization Yehuda Mishi Zahav, which specializes in facilitating funerals in Israel, some families rented private planes to bring the bodies of their loved ones from abroad and pay huge sums, according to Zahav.

These amounts have sometimes reached $ 250,000 for the removal of a corpse.

The founder of the organization says that about 250 foreign Jews have been transferred to Israel since the epidemic began, whether they died due to it or not, and that they usually transfer 1,500 bodies annually.

And the Israeli Al Al Airlines announced that the resumption of more regular flights would allow the burial of more bodies in Israel.

The police said it was necessary to allow "any family who wants to bury a dear person in Israel to do so in a respectful and reasonable price", even though they charge 3,000 euros for the transfer.

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