United States of America:- Giant hornets, 5 centimeters long, appeared in Washington State, a species of flying insect, native to Asia, but it seems to have arrived in America intentionally, according to Seth Truskot, of the College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Sciences at Washington University.

They are giant hornets, with big, frightening eyes, yellow-orange in color, and their bites are sore, sometimes deadly.

And one of the beekeepers may realize to her, if he finds piles of dead bees on his farm, and she has been preyed upon, as wasps feed on bee larvae.

Deadly wasps, according to what researchers call them, are the largest in the world, and their activity increases in late summer and early fall as they begin to collect protein to raise the queens of the New Year.

Perhaps these wasps arrived in America in December 2019 and began to activate once after the queens stepped out of their winter dorms to build nests and form colonies.

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