Belgium-Brussels: Belgium's King Albert II admitted that he was the biological father of a girl named Dolphin Boyle after the results of DNA analysis appeared.

“His Majesty King Albert II accepted the results of the DNA analysis, in which he participated in at the request of the Court of Appeal in Brussels, and the scientific results show that he is the biological father of Dolphin Boyle,” the king’s lawyers said in a statement.

The news was announced by the RTBF television channel, and it said the king had confessed that he was the biological father of Dolphin after reaching the age of 18.

The mother of "Dolphin", and bearing the title "Baroness", had hidden for her daughter for a long time the identity of her father, and did not know that she is the illegitimate daughter of the king, until she reached the age of 18 years, while the relationship between the two continued 16 years.

The mother of the daughter of the King of Belgium is a famous artist over the age of five, and she is the daughter of the former Baroness husband, an industrialist named Jacques Boyle, who, according to local media, had excluded Dolphin from inheriting in his will.

This woman filed a suit in this regard in June 2013, when Albert II enjoyed complete immunity from legal accountability, and after he abdicated in favor of his eldest son Philip, he retained the title of King; but he lost legal immunity, and thanks to the proven kinship link, Dolphin will have The right to claim a portion of the inheritance.

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