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Wednesday, 20 May 2020 10:18

Merzouqa and Abu Qaht came out of quarantine to global

Through a contest on Twitter Through a contest on Twitter

Egyptian News Vision: - The idea started on Twitter with a simple contest between the best picture, provided that the participant was the one who filmed, and the reward is 500 Saudi riyals, to turn into minutes into an international competition, and the celebrities participated in the art and sport.

After one of its stages, the competition turned into a race between the sexes, but it got more interesting after one of them got out of the race to return and outperform his opponent.

An account on Twitter, named "Mansour", used to hold a competition every period, which is to publish the participants with a picture of their photography, provided that the most beautiful picture is voted by the number of "admiration" clicks from the followers, provided that the winner of the most beautiful picture is given a prize of 500 riyals Saudi.

And the simple photo contest turned into the first Twitter talk in the world and launched two Saudi accounts for the world. Hours after the announcement, the competition became a global competition, between two images in particular, for an account called "Abu Qaht", a football specialist, and another account for a girl named "Merzouqa", which the girls watched.

And the voting contest for the most beautiful picture turned into a "classic" struggle between men and women, so that the young men began promoting the image of Abu Qaht, and the matter came to celebrities from young men, such as football players and artists, who started to support the image that they all represent, in the Twitter struggle, in front of the girls.

On the other hand, the girls began to vote intensively, for a blessed image, and soon the leading artists participated in supporting a blessed picture.

And with the intensity of the competition between the image of Abu Qaht, which is a picture of a session in the desert, a jug of coffee and a burning fire, and a picture of mercy, but it became clear that the picture is not from her photograph, but rather it is a picture of one of her friends, who sent her to her, and while the vote was close, Marzuka was excluded, so Abu Dish 40 thousand likes the image.

But Merzouga returned and put a new picture, of iced coffee, to announce her desire to compete with this photo she took herself.

And he started intensively promoting a mercenary image, by artists and activists on Twitter, until he suddenly surpassed Abu Qaht's photo. Merzouqa finally obtained more than 1.3 million likes, in a few hours, while Abu Qaht was satisfied with 800,000 likes.

Top players, artists, and accounts tracked by millions on Twitter participated in the vote.

Among the supporters of Abu Qaht include the Spanish star Cesc Fabregas, the Egyptian actor Mohamed Heneidy, and a large number of European club accounts that entered the line.

As for Marzuka, female artists such as Haifa Wehbe, Lebanese citizen Nadine Najim, and Emirati singer Balqis voted for her.

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