Phoebe Prince, the girl who protected Americans from bullying

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: About 10 years ago, the United States of America had no, legislation and laws to counter bullying and violence in schools.

The British student, Phoebe Prince, committed suicide because of bullying and aggressive student behavior against her in an American school.

After the incident in which 6 students were charged, America developed legislation to counter this phenomenon, and they called the law the "Phoebe Law" to combat violence and bullying.

Who is "Phoebe Prince" that was the reason for this law?

Phoebe Prince, 15, is a British student, born in England, who moved with her family to live in America.

Phoebe enrolled in "South Hadley" school in America, and she thought it would be new friendships, but she was subjected to continuous harassment and amounted to insults from 6 of her classmates, who did not leave an opportunity but to bully her, whether at school, the library or in the street while leaving her school.

One day, the student, "Phoebe", was walking on the way back from school when she was intercepted by a young man driving a car and threw a bottle at her and insulted her, which led her to think about suicide.

Phoebe Prince returned to her home in a bad psychological state, closed her door to her room, and in the morning her sister found her hanging, and it was found that she had made herself a gallows to get rid of her life.

Six students were brought to court, who had caused Vibe to commit suicide.

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