An American policeman shot and killed a Qatari youth, Arizona, in the United States.

The Qatari youth entered America with a study visa, and he had violently attacked the policeman, while he was patrolling to arrest drunk drivers.

The policeman spotted Muhammad Ahmed al-Hashemi, 25, toppling a street sign on a road in a suburb of Phoenix, late at night, and ordering it to be returned.

But al-Hashemi did not return it, then he started walking halfway and did not obey orders to stop.

The policeman used a stun gun, but he did not succeed in subduing Hashemi, who then rushed towards the officer and punched and kicked him.

"Fox 10" broadcast a recording of the shooting incident, and indicated that Al-Hashemi had been arrested two days before the incident, for allegedly infringing on the property of others in the Islamic Cultural Center in Tempe, Arizona, police say he caused trouble in the building before his arrest .

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Qatari youth killed by an American policeman (video)

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