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Saturday, 25 April 2020 15:14

She died and cremated her body and then returned to life

In a hospital in Ecuador In a hospital in Ecuador

Egyptian News Vision: - In a hospital in Guayaquil, the economic capital of Ecuador, Alba Maruri was lying after she was hospitalized and unconscious.

The announcement of the death of the 74-year-old woman occurred on March 27 after she was hospitalized with fever and breathing problems.

The Alba Marori family included a body that was incinerated without being identified by a relative, because it was infected with the Corona virus.

However, Alba Maruri awoke to find that she had been pronounced dead due to ambiguity in the identities, according to her family.

Her sister's son, Juan Carlos Ramírez, stated that his aunt "was in a coma for three weeks and with mad Covid_19 in the hospital there was confusion in the names and the announcement of her death took place."

"The doctors went to my aunt's house (Aura) to check the error," Ramirez said. "We still do not know the identity of those who put his ashes in the house."

Ramirez stressed that his aunt is "in good shape," adding that the family has asked the hospital for compensation for the cost of cremation, and the "pain and sorrow caused by the death" assumed.

"My sister is in a hospital room waiting to be discharged," Aura told the press.

"It has been almost a month since her death was announced and I have been keeping this person's ashes for so long ..."


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