In Texas, the United States, Mother Hedy Broussard and her daughter, Margot Carey, disappeared from their home near West William Cannon in Austin, two weeks after the birth of her daughter.

What is mysterious and exciting is that the mother's car and property are still at home, "and there were no signs of disagreement or problems.

Father "Shane Carey" says: He is aware of the disappearance of his wife and daughter, after receiving a call from his eldest son's school, telling him that the mother did not come to take the son home at the end of the day.

"She is a wonderful, elegant and kind woman ... one of the best people I've ever met ... she is ready to do anything for her children," he added.

He concluded his speech with a call: "If you see any beautiful woman walking with a little girl or inside a suspicious car, please call immediately."

Close associates say: "Broussard is a great mother"; however, the police currently do not have any more details, nor have any suspects been arrested.

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