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Saturday, 21 March 2020 18:13

The Cannes Film Festival opens its doors against Corona

The Cannes Film Festival space houses homeless people The Cannes Film Festival space houses homeless people

Egyptian news vision, French city of Cannes: - Instead of the red carpet and the lights that were going to be seen in the Cannes Film Festival session, the city authorities decided not to close their doors despite the spread of the Corona virus, as the 19th Coved cause that stopped all sports and cultural activities around the world.

The doors of the pavilion dedicated to the Cannes Film Festival have been opened to accommodate fifty vagrants, as part of measures to reduce the spread of the "Covid-19" Coruna virus.

The Cannes Film Festival was scheduled from 12 to 23 May 2020, but it was canceled due to the spread of the epidemic.

The French municipal authorities said that the place usually receives conferences and artistic events has been prepared to accommodate up to 50 people living on the street in what they considered "a symbol of solidarity."

Beds, meals and shower centers will be provided in line with measures relating to social separation during HIV-related isolation across France.

Nice city authorities are also planning to open accommodation for the homeless.

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