Canada - Quebec, Saguenay: - The couple Nicole Gagnon and Gerard Blackburn, peppers were among the purchases, and it is customary to find small insects inside some types of vegetables and fruits, but the flame they found was very strange.

Nicole Gagnon and Gerard Blackburn emphasized that the pepper was healthy and had no holes, and yet they found within it the largest organism that could have been inside that fruit.

The couple, living in Saguenay, in the province of Quebec, found a live frog inside a peppercorn.

The frog may be from the tree frog family, and it was not affected by cutting the pepper with a kitchen knife.

The fruit rushed to the grocery store, which informed the competent authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture of Quebec.

Immediately, specialists at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency killed and dissected the frog in an attempt to unravel the clues of the puzzle, and find out how the fate ended with an amphibian within a thin-shell fruit without even having a small hole, and did this animal originally come from Honduras in the place of the original product, or is it It was mainly in Canada, where species of tree frogs also live.

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