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Monday, 24 February 2020 18:29

The opinion of the rabbis of Israel on the emergence of the Corona virus

Corona, the wrath of the Lord against Israel Corona, the wrath of the Lord against Israel

Israel:- The "Haderirot" website of the religious has reported Rabbi "Chaim Kanyevsky" about the spread of the new Corona virus, which occurred after the virus arrived in Israel, while it has spread to the world two months ago.

The rabbi said that the spread of the virus in Israel is a punishment from the Lord against it, so that sins and sins may have been committed.

He called on the rabbi to take caution and take care of the property only and increase the prayer in order to reduce the punishment so as not to cause any harm. "

When the virus began to spread, Rabbi Kanyevsky wrote: The spread of the disease is a test for Israelis.

Rabbi Gershon Edelstein said: "There is no catastrophe for the world but for Israel, we must remember that everything is from heaven, and there is nothing to fear.

According to the US Bloomberg Agency, a severe case of HIV was not recorded in Israel, and 200 Israelis were asked to impose a quarantine on themselves at home after contacting a group of South Korean tourists who were found to be carrying the virus after returning from a trip to Israel.

There were 11 Israelis on board the Diamond Princess, and they were quarantined at the hospital after their return, including a woman who was found to be carrying the virus.

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