Abu Dhabi, Dubai: - The Egyptian judiciary issued a ruling to release Hanin Hosam, famous as the "Fourth Pyramid of Egypt," pending investigations, and to pay a bond of 50 thousand pounds.

Haneen Hosam, the Egyptian girl, faces charges of assaulting the principles and values of Egyptian society, establishing, managing, and using special websites and accounts through social networking applications on the International Information Network to commit and facilitate the commission of that crime.

Hanin Hossam also faces charges of human trafficking by dealing with natural persons who are girls who used them in acts contrary to the principles and values of Egyptian society, to obtain material benefits from them, in partnership with a criminal group organized for human trafficking purposes that includes the accused and others.

By questioning the accused public prosecutor, she denied the charges that were attributed to her, and decided to contract her two years ago with a Chinese company that owns a social networking application, in which the participants publish short video clips with each other.

Hanin Hussam has communicated electronically with the director of the company - Chinese nationality - which she joined to a group through a communication application, and then sent to her an electronic contract between her and the company to photograph her monthly about twenty clips of herself as she performed some songs and published them via the application with selected titles (Hashtags) in exchange for litigation About four hundred dollars a month with bank transfers, provided that it increases its wages by increasing its followers through the application.

According to her statements, Haneen Hosam used to photograph and publish the clips that the company identified for her and the majority of her followers were children and young people, and she received her wages for her, which were determined by the numbers of her followers and her accounts with other social media applications.

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