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Wednesday, 04 December 2019 13:59

Theft of the legacy of Haitham Ahmed Zaki

Theft of the legacy of Haitham Ahmed Zaki Theft of the legacy of Haitham Ahmed Zaki

Abu Dhabi, UAE (Egyptian News Vision) After the search for an heir to the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki found that his only brother, Rami Ezzeddine, his younger brother, was his rightful heir according to the law, the journey started from a thief who had taken over part of this legacy.

When Rami Ezzedine was taking over the legacy, he discovered that two cars belonging to Haitham Ahmed Zaki had disappeared, the first Mercedes and the second Renault. Investigations have proved that "Mercedes" disappeared 3 years ago and are among the stolen cars in the Department of Dokki in the reservation of vehicles.

The second car "Renault" was taken over by the "maid", which was frequented the house of the late artist, and that after his death took it and escaped with someone, which will be proven in an official record in the coming days to recover the car.

The inheritance specified by the prosecution and the court, an apartment in Mohandeseen for the late artist, and another on the pyramid Street and the amount of 300 thousand pounds in a bank and another amount of 200 thousand the amount of insurance.

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