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Saturday, 09 May 2020 13:59

Thousands stuck in the seas due to the Coronavirus

Spotted by satellites Spotted by satellites

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- While many countries have evacuated their nationals stranded in other countries who were present on the land, satellite imagery revealed that there are thousands still stuck in the seas, after they could not be docked in ports due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus.

The "Princess of Diamonds" vessel, which infected hundreds of tourists on board, was not the only ship in the Corona Virus.

Press reports revealed dozens of cruise ships were congested in several regions, including the Caribbean Sea and near the Philippines.

According to CNN, there are 57,000 workers on board 74 cruise ships in and around American ports, off the coast of the Bahamas, and in the Caribbean.

The reason ports do not receive these ships, which are currently empty of passengers, is due to the full berths and the fear of the transmission of the Coronavirus from the crews of these ships.

These ships and their crews were left with no option but to remain at sea. Fifteen cruise ships are stationed off the Bahamas, while there are about a dozen other ships off the coast of the Philippines.

The Philippine authorities say:

ship crews must obtain a permit from the Quarantine Office before they are allowed to dock at ports. There are currently no reservations onboard cruise ships in the world, but their crews are still on board.

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