Greece, Olympia: - The global Corona Virus disaster dominated the start of the Olympic torch trip to Japan and the world is hopeful that the torch will return to Tokyo after 56 years, and hope is in all parts of the country, as the signal for Tokyo to host the Summer Olympics for the second time after 1964 was launched in the Greek city of Olympia The old one, without mass attendance.

Only 100 people from the International Olympic Committee and the 2020 Tokyo Organizing Committee were allowed to attend the ceremony, while tickets were previously reserved for 700 people.

Japan hopes that the nightmare they developed will have been displaced before the Olympics scheduled for July 24 to August 9, 2020, and hopes to show the world that it has regained its creativity and innovative energy, in addition to highlighting the reconstruction after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Fukushima in 2011.

With the chaos caused by the "Covid-19" virus in sports around the world, doubts over whether or not games can be played on time.

Organizers are still stressing that preparations are proceeding as scheduled, while the Olympic Committee has already confirmed that there has not yet been any discussion about canceling or postponing the global event.

The torch is to tour 37 cities in Greece and 15 archaeological sites along 3500 km by land and 842 nautical miles (1559 km) and will travel between 600 runners, and once it reaches Japan, the torch begins its long journey from Fukushima before it reaches the capital Tokyo.

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