Netherlands, United Arab Emirates: - The famous "Sunflower" painting by Dutch artist Van Gogh did not complete her way to the Tokyo National Museum of Western Art, to be displayed at the London National Gallery, as part of the exhibition "Masterpieces from the National Museum" But because of the quarantine in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, it remained in the Netherlands Museum, which was closed as part of the procedures for trapping the new Corona virus, and from there it disappeared.

According to international news sites, the famous "Sunflower" painting by Dutch artist Van Gogh was stolen from the Netherlands Museum.

Van Gogh's paintings are from the most famous and popular pieces and the most expensive in the world.

Van Gogh had suffered repeated episodes of mental illness, around which there are many different theories, and during one of these famous accidents, he cut off part of his left ear.

He was one of the most famous artists of painting, and he went to painting to express his feelings and emotions, in the last five years of his life he drew more than 800 oil paintings.

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