Horn of Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia: - A mysterious disease has appeared in the villages near the gas project in the Somalia region of Ethiopia, and it has frightening symptoms, including yellowing of the eyes, bleeding from the mouth, and death.

The cause may be toxic waste from Chinese oil exploration.

There are allegations that the disease has spread in villages near the gas project in Somalia, and causes the eyes of its victims to turn yellow, before causing a rise in temperature, swelling of their bodies, and ultimately death, along with a number of other symptoms of this unknown disease: a lack of appetite and insomnia .

Officials in Addis Ababa denied allegations of a health and environmental crisis in the area, according to the Guardian newspaper.

It is not clear what causes this mysterious disease to occur, although many suspects suspect that it is caused by clear chemical waste that poisoned the water supply in the area.

According to the Daily Mail, the Chinese company, POLY-GCL, has been developing the Calub and Hilala fields, there since the signing of the production-sharing agreement with Ethiopia in 2013, and it is reported that Calub, southeast of Jijiga, will start commercial gas production soon.

The Daily Mail quotes the claims of a former engineer from the Chinese company, that there have been regular spills of drilling fluids, including sulfuric acid, over the three years he worked at the site in Calop.

The last of these residents said, they die from the raw toxins that have been spilled due to utter negligence.

The companies operating in Kalop have abandoned their duty to protect the local population, but these chemical spills are likely to be historical, or they may be caused by Ethiopian transport companies.

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