Egyptian News Vision: - Egypt will gradually resume air traffic in all its airports with some countries, after the aircraft have been sterilized with some other precautionary measures, such as providing dry meals and canned drinks only, and banning the distribution of publications and folders on the plane.

Egyptian News Vision // "We can start thinking in the future that Galapagos will very soon become the first health-safe tourist destination," with these words, Vice-President of Ecuador, Otto Sonnenhalsner, announced that the islands listed on the UNESCO Heritage List will begin receiving tourists immediately.

Egyptian News Vision: The economic repercussions on the world due to the Corona virus cast a shadow over all areas, foremost of which is tourism that is linked to many sectors, and the most important sources of hard currency, so some countries were quick to announce the opening of their borders to tourism, with the first indicators of the decrease in the number of infections of the Corona virus.

Cairo, the Egyptian news vision: While awaiting the opening of the symbol development project in the center of the Egyptian capital, the four ancient rams statues will be seated in wooden boxes, until Meditation Square decorates them.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The "shore apple," or "poisonous guava", is spread in tropical parts of southern North America, Central America and the Caribbean, and parts of northern South America.

Egyptian News Vision: -: A wooden sarcophagus of the seventeenth Dynasty was found at the Pharaohs, dating back to 1600 BC, near a brick cabin, and next to it many funerary furniture.

Egyptian News Vision: - In the eastern region of the Sultanate of Oman, after Hurricane Gonu struck the earth, some small archipelagos were formed in the areas surrounded by water, and many dry marshes were covered with water, which are areas isolated from the sea, which led to the emergence of bacteria and fungi, which had absorbed oxygen from these Lakes; their water turns pink.

The American site "Brightside" presented some of the behaviors of restaurant customers that raise the nerve of waiters, including:

Cairo, the Egyptian news vision: EgyptAir decided to restart its flights to and from China, after being stopped by the new Corona virus.

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