Wednesday, 30 September 2020

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Egyptian News Vision: - A plane crashed near the "Kharkov" airport in eastern Ukraine, carrying 27 people, and the accident killed at least 22 people.

Egyptian news vision: - In one of the flood season in China, which is accompanied by some landslides, Chinese state media broadcast a video clip of the disappearance of 21 cars, which were parked in front of a building, in the southwest of the country.

Egyptian news vision: - The Iskandar River, or the "Hawatat" River in Palestine, flows from the mountains of the northern West Bank around Nablus specifically, and flows into the Mediterranean Sea, and the northern city of Netanya, which was established on the lands of the Palestinian town of Umm Khaled.

  • CreativesAtHome winners Elie Fleyhan, Huda Dawoud and Naser Al Junaibi each receive an adventure camera kit from Baynounah TV
  • Broad range of content submitted demonstrates the strong home-grown talent of the UAE’s young filmmakers

Egyptian News Vision: - A battle took place between Taiwan parliamentarians, and they appeared in videos exchanging kicks and punches, while some opposition MPs tore up the ballot papers to vote, and some of them reached the point of breaking the polls themselves.

Egyptian News Vision: - Australian police officers chased a van in the Australian state of Queensland, after noticing that it was traveling very quickly on a crowded street, and after they forced the driver to stand on the side of the road, it was found that a serious matter was happening to him.

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