Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - During a football match between the Moroccan Star Youth Club and Hassania Benslimane, for the 16th round of the Amateur Championship in Morocco, the 21-year-old Moroccan player, Reda Saqi, died.

America, Daily Times: - America's president, 78-year-old Joe Biden, almost did it again and fell on the stairs of Air Force One, where he stumbled while boarding despite his eagerness during the rain and preoccupied with the parachute and a bag that was in his hand.

Dubai, Daily Times: - The star of Spanish football club Barcelona, ​​Gerard Pique, was having dinner in the Emirates with the President of the Emirates Football Association, Rashid Al Nuaimi, among a group of attendees who appear of various nationalities.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Daily Times: - The opening ceremony of the 47th National Junior Championships in Kabaddi Sports witnessed an accident in which more than a hundred people were injured.

Dubai, Daily Times: - The US state of Florida witnessed an accident between a plane and a car that a woman was driving with her child; Causing 4 people were killed and injured.

Dubai, Daily Times: - An orange atmosphere in the Chinese capital, Beijing, due to a strong sandstorm coming from from Inner Mongolia, the strongest in 10 years.

Dubai, Daily Times: - A video spread in which the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, joked with a street vendor and bought bananas from him, in a gesture that he discovered the suffering of this group of people.

Dubai, Daily Times: - The Syrian model of Armenian roots, Nicole Saafan, became more famous after the news spread of her emotional connection with the Egyptian producer, Tarek El-Erian.

Dubai, Daily Times: A resident of the city of Benghazi, in eastern Libya, photographed a lion roaming free in a city street while no one was on the street.

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